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Practice recognizing phrases and clauses with this interactive grammar sort. You choose if you would like this as a PDF (for printing) or a digital download.

Students should be able to differentiate between phrases and clauses before they can move onto sentence structure and punctuation. This will help students who want or need extra practice studying the differences between phrases and clauses. This could help address CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.7.1.a, but I often use this when students struggle to understand sentence structures.

Included in this phrase and clause sort:

→ Two interactive notebook pieces. These are folding pieces. If you do not use interactive notebooks, discard these!
→ 20 groups of words for students to sort. 12 are phrases and 8 are dependent clauses. Students will need to cut and place each piece in the correct category.
→ An answer sheet for students to adhere the answers. You can use this grammar sort for sentence structure as a game, anchor chart, or activity.

→ You will receive a copy of a Google Slides presentation. Students will drag and drop the phrase or clause pieces into the correct categories. Share via email or Google Classroom.

The answer key is for this phrase and clause grammar sort included.