Complete Sentences Quiz Run On, Fragment, Comma Splice Self-Grading Quiz


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Are you looking for an educational tool to help your students master the basics of complete sentences? This complete sentence quiz includes twenty sentences on a Google Form, giving each student immediate feedback. What’s more, it even grades itself—no need to waste hours manually checking each answer. As an added bonus, this quiz is editable, so you can make changes as needed to suit the needs of different students or classes.

With this amazing resource at your fingertips, you’ll be able to help your students become experts in identifying run-ons, fragments, and comma splices.

Overview of this complete sentences quiz:
√ 20 sentences that are either incomplete sentences or complete sentences.
√ The sentences then have multiple choice options. Students will be prompted to choose if each sentence is a fragment, run on, comma splice, or complete sentence.

I have included an example in the preview! Click on the preview button to see some of the complete sentences quiz.

This grammar lesson is a quick exit ticket or practice for complete sentences.