I’ll try not to make this “about ” page boring. What approach should I take? Who is my audience?

The downside to having a degree in English, of course, is that you overanalyze.

My name is Lauralee Moss, and I am the creator of the Language Arts Classroom, where the goal is to provide practical ELA ideas teachers can implement today.

I taught high school English and speech at a small high school for seven years. When my second child was born, the plan was for me to stay home a few years with the kids. One day before I resigned, I searched the web for extra, part-time jobs for teachers and stumbled upon Teachers Pay Teachers. I realized that with the power of the web, I could share my experiences and help busy English teachers.

I uploaded three products and forgot about connecting with the outside world of educators. And got busy with a two-year-old and a newborn.

Looking back, I probably didn’t consider TpT or blogging to be a full-time job because I knew I’d return to teaching – and two years later I got a job at an alternative school teaching grades 6-12. After one year there, I had baby Cara.Β My husband and I decided that I would stay home with our growing family and stay connected with the education world through blogging and TpT.

I started pouring my ideas and passion into my products and took lessons on Adobe Illustrator. I’ve found my virtual coworkers to be professional and supportive. I love what TpT and blogging have brought to education. I love what curriculum development has brought to my teaching skills.

My time in the online world strengthened my teaching, and I spent time in reflection if that is where I should continue my career. Ultimately, something was missing, a certain component that I needed in my life. In 2016 I went back to teaching because I simply missed the students – I craved that special connection teachers have with students.

In 2018, a publishing company contacted me and asked me to write a grammar book. You can The English Grammar Workbook on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Personally, my husband and I have been married for over ten years. Brandon is a quirky, creative advertising guy. He makes me laugh and is my favorite person.


Together we have three kids: Ty, Za, and Cara – that’s in order of height and age.


Here at my blog, I’m still learning, still having fun, and still reflecting on teaching. Thanks for reading and following along.

Afterthought: I should include that I have a bachelor’s of science in English Education and a masters of arts in Educational Leadership. Want to know anything else about me? Use the contact page, and we’ll chat.