Secondary Meet the Teacher Night and Freshmen Orientation Materials


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Looking to organize yourself before Meet the Teacher Night or Freshmen Orientation? Present your best self with confidence by using the material in this download. . . perfect for secondary teachers. This bundle includes posters, presentations, an editable letter, bookmarks, and more.

Overall goals of this secondary meet the teacher night and freshmen orientation materials:

√ To build relationships with parents and guardians so that they know what to expect from your classroom and school.

√ To encourage literacy at the home, and to empower adults with their role in helping students connect to reading.

√ To provide encouragement with secondary students.

This organizational bundle contains everything needed to get you through Meet the Teacher Night and Freshmen Orientation. TWO presentations are included, but you will be able to use the posters, bookmarks, and business cards with both events.

Specifically in these tools for meeting parents of secondary students:

√ Reading posters. Use these to set the expectations that teachers and parents will work together with students to establish lifelong reading habits.

√ Bookmarks. The wording on the posters are the same on the bookmarks. These are perfect to include in parent handouts.

√ Letter. Again, this letter is editable for personalization. Start building positive relationships with parents and guardians.

√ Business cards. Personalize with your information!

√ Well-wishes note sheets. Ask parents to write a kind note to their student for you to give students before a test or on a special day.


√ Meet the Teacher presentation. This presentation is editable and will walk you through introductions, expectations, routines, and procedures for parents.

√ Freshmen Orientation presentation. If you are meeting parents for incoming freshmen, this editable presentation covers basic material.

I made these posters and activities when parents and guardians of my high school students asked why I encouraged reading so much. Showing them the research behind daily reading (and providing free places to download books!) helped me converse with parents.

You can see the design of this organizational bundle for secondary teachers in the pictures and preview. Where copyright allows, I have created editable materials. If you need something specific, I can probably add it to the bundle.