Grammar Curriculum

I set out to make a grammar curriculum built for all students. I knew that a curriculum of this magnitude would take time, and it took years to develop. I never wanted our students to dread grammar! Specifically, this grammar curriculum contains:

A variety of retrieval practices.

Research into brain-based learning tells teachers that a variety of retrieval practices leads to long-term learning. Low-stakes practice is included.

Connections to writing, nonfiction, and literature.

Students value material that connects to their lives within and outside of class. Don’t simply practice grammar in a worksheet, but rather with the written word. The curriculum contains a variety concepts within writing from famous literature to nonfiction. A “Why Am I Learning This” section is included for every grammar concepts.

Physical manipulatives.

Students enjoy holding and manipulating their language. When students see how they can maneuver phrases, clauses, modifiers, and punctuation to convey their messages, they understand the power of language.

Alternatives to a worksheet.

What a teacher does with a worksheet matters, sure! Group work, partner help, and review all have their place in the classroom. Activities such as Color by Grammar, interactive notebook pieces, task cards, and flipping books move students past the worksheet. Most of the material in the curriculum is perfect for station activities.

An age-appropriate appearance.

Older students don’t always know the basics of grammar. That should not mean that they study from elementary-aged materials. I selected the images, fonts, and colors with middle and high school students in mind.

For teachers, I created a curriculum that spans multiple grade levels to reach students where they are. I believe teachers understand the students in front of them better than I do, so I designed enough materials for choice, differentiation, and scaffolding.

Every topic in the grammar curriculum includes a pre-test and a post-test. The presentations are editable, and the topics are diverse.

One of the greatest parts of purchasing this product through is that you’re getting peer reviewed classroom materials. These peer reviews are clearly displayed for you to consider when making a purchase. Feel free to jump over to the product listing and take a look for yourself. In the meantime, I’ll share a bit of feedback from users of this curriculum:

The GREATEST grammar product ever. There is so much it takes days to absorb it all. Very well structured with so many variables. Can be used with multiple grades. Will enhance the coming year with a lot more valuable learning.

I have used it across 6 different grades this school year and a bunch of ability levels. If you buy this, you don’t need any other grammar program. That’s how good it is.

This is a fantastic resource! I will be using across three grade levels with multiple abilities within each grade!!! Great, great resource! Definitely worth the price!