Creating a Teacher Blog? Tips for Blogging Through the School Year

If you keep falling behind on your blog posts, these tips are for you. The simplest way to organize your year.

Blogging through the school year may be a goal for teachers, but can prove to be a tough achievement.

Why? Just kidding. We know why. Teachers are insanely busy, and creating a teacher blog takes work.

Still, as the year winds down, I foresee my fellow teacher-authors mapping out blogging goals for the upcoming year. I wanted to explain how I write during the school year while teaching classes and helping my own kids with school work.

My system for consistently updating my teacher blog has many levels. I’m going to give other teachers who wish to blog twoΒ tips for blogging through the school year.

So… how do I consistently blog throughout the school year?

Creating a blog for teachers? Take these two tips into account to maintain consistency with your education blog.

I don’t.

I do this instead:

Over winter break, I have an enormous brainstorming sessions (this is tip #1! brainstorm!). This session lasts for hours and involves my teacher-friends, my husband, my children, and the Internet. It also requires coffee, my computer, and food, but that may vary teacher to teacher.

And- my blogging calendar. Bring a calendar, electronic or paper. (I prefer paper, but I’m old like that). I note important dates that will require a post: summer break, first day of school, winter break, and other ideas that my crew brings to my attention. Then I take into account yearly events – sales, blog hops, giveaways.

Next I mark dates specialized to ELA, such as National Poetry Month, the Ides of March. Any other topic that I feel deserves a blog post receives a date.

At this point, each month will have a notation or two. That’s step one – think of times when you should blog.

Then I grab a writer’s notebook (this is tip #2! writing ideas!). Mine is a simple notebook, one small enough to fit in my purse for spare time in waiting rooms and such. I devote this notebook to blog ideas. I start writing down the topics that we just brainstormed. I write the idea at the top of a page, skip a few pages for writing space, and begin again.

I have what I need for my teacher blog for the year. Of course, I supplement if a big story in education develops. I also skip blog ideas if they never come to fruition. I don’t have time to write junk, and teachers don’t have time to read it. My year is outlined on a calendar, and I consult it for my big picture of the year. My notebook has ideas mapped out, where I can add ideas when they pop in my head, when I have time to think, or when I have a classroom experience that should be included. I can work ahead of time and write those posts before their “due dates.” Then I schedule the blog posts in advance.

Consistently blogging will require work ahead of time, but this will minimize your blogging headaches later in the year.

I know as fall and winter breaks approach, educators will mark creating a teacher blog off to-do lists. Organizing and planning blog posts long-term can provide structure throughout a busy school year.

Note: Don’t have a teacher blog, but want to start one? Start here for blogging resources I trust.Β 


  • Cara

    These are great tips. Of course, I was one of those teachers last summer who had the idea of starting a teaching blog. I blogged throughout the summer, and then ended up not writing a single post from September-March! I finally got back to it this month and have been getting the wheels churning again. One thing I’m struggling with is how many posts to be personal versus professional. I enjoy writing about all aspects of being a teacher, including just being an adult outside of school! What are your thoughts on mixing personal and professional posts?

    • (author)

      I think whatever level of comfort the blogger is ok with – that should be the guideline. I don’t talk about my kids much, and I never use their real names.

      For other personal stuff – organizing your home, quick meals, healthy snacks – I think that’s a fabulous idea! Good luck with it. πŸ™‚

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