Lesson Plan Finished? Here Are 20 Ideas.

Lesson plan finished? Stressed? Do this for the remainder of your class period.

Lesson plan finished? Stuck?

Despite having the best lesson plan, teachers sometimes have a lesson plan finished with time on the clock. Hopefully it rarely happens, but it will occur.

Sometimes a lesson flops. Other times students understand the information and fly through it. (In this situation, congratulate yourself.)

No matter the reason, you will be left with a classroom of teenagers.

It’s intimidating. It can be disastrous. And it’s happened to everyone.

Part of classroom management is having a backup plan—a what to do when you have ten minutes left in class, and about 40 eyes staring at you.

Here are 20 ideas for when you have 10 minutes left in class, but the lesson plan is finished.

Lesson plan run short? Don't stress - follow one of these twenty ideas to make it to the bell.

1. Read poetry.

2. Fill out points for two sides of a debate.

3. Watch a speech.

4. Ask students to write a sentence for you to break down grammatically.

5. Analyze quotes.

6. Model how you brainstorm a writing topic.

7. Tell a funny (but appropriate!) story from your childhood.

8. Look at famous pictures.

9. Go around the room so each student can state what his/ her career plans are.

10. Explain your hero.

11. Tell a story from your grandparents.

12. Take a virtual tour of the White House.

13. Model an Internet search in a subject chosen by students. Explain primary/ secondary sources.

14. Search for what happened on that day in history.

15. Look at your local newspaper online. Label the parts of a news article.

16. Write a short story. Start with a topic sentence and ask each student to contribute a sentence.

17. Watch historical moments in sports.

18. Watch a famous TV clip.

19. Let students interview you. (within reason!!)

20. Take a virtual tour of a famous museum or library.

If your lesson plan is finished and you don’t have a backup plan,  implement one of these 20 ideas. Students won’t know it’s not on the lesson plan because you are still teaching them. With a little creativity, you can probably tie one of the ideas to your current content: time period’s art? famous speaker? memorable news stories? online practice? A little thinking on your feet and the 10 minutes will fly by.

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