Blogging Resources: Blogs about Blogging

Blogs about blogging… exist! 

I’ve blogged since 2009… in lots of Internet spaces. I’ve written for online platforms and in my own personal space. Blogging has changed since I started. In some ways, it is easier – code seems more manageable now. It’s complicated in other ways – bloggers consult the FTC and hire accountants.

I’m in-between all of that. I can add code (slightly and it’ll never be my favorite activity) and I read the FTC’s website. I have a free app to track my expenses, not an accountant. What has helped me the most is connecting with other bloggers, specifically writers who share blogging resources.

As an educator, blogging has connected me to teachers across the world. I grow through blogging.

Blogs about blogging - exist! They are helpful for those who are blogging and need fresh ideas or are stuck in a blogging rut.

An entire niche of bloggers devoted to the art of blogging exists. They scope out new writing spaces, trends, social media guidelines, and rules. They stay current on where to buy stock images, find font, and sign up for conferences. Each has a different approach to the the art of online writing. Some have free newsletters and ebooks. Others offer paid services or stock photography for sale. They all provide inspiration and encouragement for bloggers. My job is easier because I follow their blogs.

Listed below, in alphabetical order, are the blogging resources I rely on to keep me current. Blogs about blogging, if you will.

Amy Lynn Andrews     Amy Porterfield         Ashley Creates

Blog Clarity             Blogelina           Blog Tyrant          Elite Blogging Academy

Blogging Basics 101     Blogging Pro         Blogging Tips          by Regina

Elle & Co.         First Site Guide       Jessica Slaughter    Just a Girl and Her Blog

Kory Woodard       Melyssa Griffin      Michelle Shaeffer      Nesha Designs     Nose Graze

Olivia Adams, PR     Pat Flynn     Smart Passive Income

Successful Blogging          The Blog Maven               The Blog Market

The Collative             The Sits Girls

Tons of free ideas and templates and other goodies! Many of these bloggers are a bit like TpT, in that they offer freebies and then if what they teach you resonates, you can buy other information from them. This past year I was thisclose to taking a blogging online course, but devoted the funds elsewhere. Where to spend money on blogging? It’s tricky and you don’t want to waste money, but you want to blog better… it’s a tough call.

I have personally purchased three books about blogging. I am confident in recommending How To Blog for Profit Without Selling Your Soul by Ruth Soukup.

Ruth writes in a sensible way and explains blog jargon to beginners. She’s a good writer too – you’ll never be bored or confused. And honest! Her blog is immensely successful and she shares her method behind her success. The book is inspirational without being ridiculous. She is quite honest that to get your blog moving, you will need to devote hours and hard work to it. She then provides realistic ways to do just that.

Plus? The “without selling your soul” part is doable. She knows people want to be honest and ethical while writing. She tells you what to avoid and how to conduct yourself so your readers get a fair deal.

She also has blogging information on her website if you would like to get a better feel for her style.

I have read the book through twice. I have the ebook format and am happy I didn’t get the hardcopy. She recently updated the book, and I got current, better information for free. She implies that she will periodically do that, and I’m all about being updated for free.

Thinking of blogging about your teaching experiences? I say, “go for it!” For inspiration, read a few of these blogs about blogging.

Reading and learning about blogging can be inspirational. Blogging can be overwhelming and frustrating. These resources, the blogs about blogging, have helped me. I’m happy to pass along this tidy list to my readers – and – if you have other blogging resources, I would love to add them. Leave your favorites in the comments!

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