Minecraft Lesson Plans

Minecraft lesson plans.

My son obsesses over Minecraft. He plays the games, builds with the figurines, and wears Minecraft themed clothing. When he started reading the Minecraft books, I knew I wanted to make a few Minecraft lesson plans because I can’t be the only parent or teacher with a child who loves this phenomenon!

Minecraft GramLit.

I decided to pull parts of speech and create a ™GramLit activity. I pulled 48 adjectives and 48 nouns from Ty’s Minecraft: Construction Handbook. I gave the background a pixelated look and made an answer sheet.

Minecraft lesson plans.

Ty is in second grade so he has studied some of the parts of speech. He needed a quick review and only asked once why he was doing this when it wasn’t assigned by his teacher.

Sorting nouns and adjectives.

We had an interesting discussion about using words as both nouns and adjectives. Some of the nouns are minerals – diamond and gold. Those can also be describing words, words that describe types of tools. I specified that those words would be referencing the minerals, not describing the tools. He glued them in the noun category.

Minecraft lesson plans.


He completed half of the noun and adjective sort, leaving 24 of each for another day.

In the classroom, this would work as a Minecraft station or scoot activity. For us, it worked as a nice extension activity at home.

Minecraft grammar.

Ty added his Minecraft bookmark he won at school for a final touch. (He has Minecraft everything!) I was thrilled to create an extension activity to build off his love of this game and the accompanying books. He even suggested other nouns to use. We are currently creating a list of common verbs from the book and plan to make a noun and verb sort together.

Minecraft lesson plans.

For right now, I have the Mine Noun and Adjective Sort in my store, for only a dollar. I hope these are quick Minecraft lesson plans, encouraging the incorporation of grammar into a beloved gaming and book series.

* I am in no way affiliated with Minecraft Handbooks or the video game.

UPDATE: Due to the popularity, I added a new Minecraft activity, Noun and Verb Sort.