Organizing Your Year as a Blogger

Organize your year as a teacherpreneur.

Organizing your year? Join me as a teacher who blogs!

I am organizing myself and my year as a blogger. Too many times this past year, I would remember an event and think, “That isn’t next week!”

And whatever “that” was, it was this week! And I had plans for writing a blog post. And it was too late.

I am now proactive. I am organizing my year now. Since I’m writing it down anyway, I thought I’d share it with other teacher bloggers.

This may not be what everyone does and it may not even be the best method, but I’ve been working on this calendar over winter break and I’m excited. I’m keeping the emphasis on organization. Last year I had goals for my blog, but they were loose. I’m creating bigger goals and this calendar is part of it.

I hope this list of ideas will help as project organizing your year! happens.

Specifically, here is how I am organizing my year for blogging:

1. I printed a calendar from TpT. I used this cute one from RebeccaB Designs. This is my overview calendar and one that I will leave by my computer on a clipboard.

Organizing your TpT life.

2. I filled out basic dates. I wanted to find National Holidays (I’m in the USA) because I need to plan what to write. I marked standard dates too – Valentine’s Day.

3. I filled out important teacher dates. I write about education, and we have Teacher Appreciation Week, National Reading Month, etc.

4. I found fun and randomly celebrated days. I’m talking about Sandwich Day (November 3) and National Pizza Month (October). High schoolers enjoy it when I spread that goofiness around, or I tell myself they do.

5. I marked important education dates. Even if these vary within states and districts, I know that parent-teacher conferences usually hit in October. Since I teach ACT prep classes, I marked dates for the ACT.

When I marked these dates, I drew attention to them a few weeks before on the calendar. I hope to have blog posts or at the minimum, Facebook interactions about these dates. Which leads into…

6. I wrote ideas for future blog posts. Currently, posts are timely and deal with my current thoughts and struggles and achievements. I still want some posts like that, but I am planning others too. For instance in May, many schools have potlucks. I have a great and easy and not too unhealthy vegetable dip. It’s on my calendar to write about the recipe at the end of April.

Organize and plan for the year as a teacher blogger. You can run a successful blog while teaching.

7. I marked breaks. Sometimes my ambitions get the best of me and I think that I can work 100% of my life. I either burn out or am too tired for the rest of my life.

For example, two of my three kids have birthdays in the same week. I need to be doing a million things the days leading up to that family gathering, so I shouldn’t plan a researched blog post that week. I’m also marking when my husband travels since I will be a solo-parent those days.

I marked when I need to take breaks for the reasons I work so hard the rest of the time.

Lots of organizing, but this is the bones of what I need to meet my teaching goals. What would you put on a calendar for organizing your year of blogging? Did I leave off any major additions?

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