Interactive Notebooks for Grammar Studies

Interactive notebooks.

When I heard about interactive notebooks a few years ago, I immediately thought, fad. I dismissed them as the latest, in a long line of concepts in education that will change students! but disappear after a few years.

I was very wrong. Not only have I used interactive notebooks with my students, but I use them with my own children. My son is in second grade and his teacher does not use them (which is fine!) but I enjoy doing them with him at home as a way to reinforce the grammar he studies at school.

To start, I made my Interactive Grammar Notebook for the eight parts of speech. I had my students in mind, but my seven-year-old uses them. I print them in black and white for home use. (In the interactive notebook bundle, they are pink and brown).

The versatility never ends – color-coding pages (as he is doing here) organizes him. I also made this notebook in different shapes – the eight parts of speech are rectangles. I will make verbals into circles, phrases and clauses into puzzle pieces. We aren’t there yet, though.


My son has studied nouns, verbs, and prepositions in previous school years. This year he’s working on adjectives and adverbs. We practice several different ways – often with spelling words – but in these pictures, we went though the newspaper and cut out words that we liked. Then we decided the part of speech and glued them appropriately. (Pretty much a free activity!)

Interactive notebooks.

I feel like the interactive notebook will serve him for years. The one I created allows for different stages of ability. It almost works like a portfolio, only better because he is more involved.


Plus, we’ve added to his home interactive notebook this year. Last year we only had three sections, using the words his classroom teacher did: nouns, verbs, descriptive words. We’ve built on that.

Interactive notebooks.

I like this activity because we encounter real words and have real discussions. Above, he is gluing ‘shop’ into ‘nouns.’ We had an opportunity to discuss which page to put it on – ‘shop’ can be a verb too.

I also created visually appealing pieces for the notebook because grammar can be fun:

Grammar is a tough subject to teach – students too often come with preconceived hatred. Changing their opinions and making grammar part of life, an interesting subject can be done! Sometimes it takes a bit of inspiration.

Pretty interactive notebook.
I am holding onto this interactive grammar notebook and will use it with him for a few years (at least). That way he has tangible proof of how much he has learned in his grammar studies!