2015 Cyber Monday Fun

2015 Cyber Monday Fun

Welcome to the ELA bloggers Cyber Monday blog-hop!

I commented on my Facebook page that I was thankful for the community here at the Language Arts Classroom. It’s true, because no one understands teachers like teachers. No one drinks coffee like teachers, and no one hoards books like (English) teachers. You get the picture; I enjoy hanging out with online teachers. 

Like previous years, Julie from Faulkner’s Fast Five and I have joined with other ELA blogging friends to spread holiday cheer. In keeping with our top five lists, a group of ELA teachers are updating you with out plans at the end of 2015.

To celebrate the holidays, I plan on…

    1. Bringing meaning to the season for students: I typically give each student a small gift, even if it’s a piece of candy or cookie.
    2. Bringing meaning to the season for your family: I’m a bit of an over-decorator when it comes to decorating. It puts me in the holiday spirit, it makes my kids excited – I love spreading excitement! My house has two trees, and I would add more if my husband would not meltdown over it. (Maybe some day).
    3. Adding to my TpT wishlistSo I’ve already purchased this, but I think all ELA teachers could use it. Glitter Meets Glue has an ELA bundle! The material is creative and cute. My TpT wishlist has a bazillion things from her store, though!
    4. Adding to my personal wishlist: I want a laptop. My desktop (Mac!) is perfectly fine, but at certain points throughout the day, I crave a laptop. During long road trips, a laptop would be nice.  
    5. Looking forward to this season: Watching my kids. My kids are small (eight and under) and they love Christmas. They look forward to Santa, they have a million ideas on their lists, and they get excited by the smalles things. Watching them is magical.

Those are my plans! What are your traditions, plans for the season?
I’m not alone – these other ELA teachers have ideas of their own. Visit their blogs for neat ideas, freebies, and virtual coffee:


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  1. 1

    I so miss having small kids at Christmas time. Enjoy all of the magic!
    PS I gifted myself with a Macbook Air last Christmas…best purchase ever!

  2. 4

    I so miss having young kids at Christmas time. It’s still fun, just the magic is missing. I’m working on convincing my hubby that we need two trees this year…he hasn’t been convinced yet! Happy holidays!

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