Links and Lattes

Links and Lattes

Good morning! It is the final Sunday in July.


I’ll leave that exclamation mark right there.


Links and Lattes.

1. Five Healthy Tips.

I’m healthier during the summer than during the school year. Still, an August goal of mine is to not drive through anywhere, avoid the soda machine, and on. These goals from the Wonder Forest seem attainable.

2. Sports.

This was an interesting approach to looking at sports. The article could perhaps be used in a high school ELA class? I think students would talk about it.

3. Collaboration.

Sarah wrote “The one time it’s actually good to compare yourself with others,” and it resonated with me. Her ideas provide a balance that life sometimes needs.

4. Minecraft.

My life is full of Minecraft thanks to my kids. Students talk about it too, and I’m slowly warming up to the idea that a video game isn’t frying my kids’ brains. John Spencer has more ideas about Minecraft spawning creativity.

5. People like you?

I stumbled across this article about “How to get people to like you.” (It was a clicking session, where you don’t really know how you ended up clicking through so many webpages). Anyway, some of the ideas are applicable for dealing with students.

Last week, Room 213’s Student 101 Bundle had the most clicks… and I’m intrigued too. It looks to organize that first week of school!

Here is the linky party for this week. Link up any secondary blog post or product that you want to showcase. See you next week! 

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