Links and Lattes

Links and Lattes

Good evening. I’m publishing Sunday morning’s Links and Lattes a bit earlier because I will be at a Girl Scout sleepover with my little girl.

Camping, semi-indoors. Twenty six-year-olds.

I brought my own coffee maker.

Links and Lattes.

Here’s what I read this week.

1. Education Secretary Duncan.

This review remarks about the U.S. Secretary of Education. It’s sad to read, because it’s what most teachers say in eloquent writing.

2. Yes, please.

I’ll take two of these.

Have you ever seen cuter sticky notes?! A forest in your book! Or sharks!

3. Choosing one.

Do you remember wanting to participate in every occupation (firefighter, teacher, doctor, and on) when you were younger? John Spencer argues that today, we don’t have to choose.

4. The Useletter.

I think I’ve bragged about Amy before, and linked to her material too. If you haven’t signed up for her weekly Useletter, you should. It is the only guaranteed newsletter I will open upon seeing it in my inbox.

5. Blogger kit.

More and more educators are blogging (yay!), but realize that a blog is an entire beast to organize (boo!). Here is a free blog planner, complete with tips for helping your blog.

Last week, the Daring English Teacher’s bundle of bell ringers had the most hits!

Here is the linky for secondary products or blog posts. Have a great week.


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