Links and Lattes

Links and Lattes

Welcome to this week’s Links and Lattes. Read, drink coffee (or not!), and join with your favorite blog post or educational product below.

Links and Lattes.

Here’s what I read this week.

1. Student feedback.

“The Paper Graders” discusses student feedback. Specifically, he covers the breakdown of helpful practices vs. less helpful practices for teaching writing. I’m specifically intrigued by student-chosen standards.

2. I’m in love with this map.

This intrigued me. This map shows the most popular book (not a series) by state, based on Goodreads reviews. I started reading this article because I am on Goodreads and wanted to see my state’s book.

And? It was a book that I gave five stars and reviewed. Cracked me up. (I’m in Illinois if you want to check it out).

3. A lesson of rejection, applied to teaching.

This article is not rooted in teaching, but the concept can apply. Covering an experiment about rejection, the author then covers how to overcome it and why. And? The ways to beat rejection can work in the classroom. And? The reasons people hate rejection quite possibly could be why students who have been ‘rejected’ (not succeeded in school) can be so shut down.

4. TV.

I typically shut the TV off, save for a few select shows. The betterment of TV shows can benefit us though. So be select when choosing what you watch.

Here is this week’s linky. Pin, spread the word, and click a few. Have a great week!


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