First Day of School with High School Students

First Day of School with High School Students

That first day of school with high school students, lots can be determined. Students will meet you for the first time, see your room for the first time, gauge the class for the first time.

I’m not trying to overdramatize the situation, or scare new teachers.

It’s true though. The first day matters. It’s why professionals can’t sleep the night before their 33rd year of teaching.

Here are a few points that I (and I will admit – I have a type-A personality) do every year, before that first day of school.

New teacher? Here is how you can prepare for your first day with students.

  • Double check the syllabus, before printing. Do not print it at night! Read over it in the morning. This will likely be the first thing your students receive from you. Don’t let it have any errors.
  • Know what you are presenting. Keep extra copies on hand. Students switch in and out of classes, and you don’t want to make a printer run.
  • Make notes. The days leading up to that first day, walk around with a small notebook if needed. Write down ideas that you want to cover with students.
  • Write out talking points. Take the ideas from above and common sense topics for the first day. Create a polished list you can take to the front of the classroom.
  • Have everything organized. I’m sure you are pumped to decorate a classroom for the first time, but as a reminder: have the classroom ready. Show students that this is a learning environment, and you are prepared.
  • Decide what you are wearing the night before. Don’t rush that morning – be ready. Have your clothes and bag ready. Try to sleep.

I could write on and on about first day tips, but those are the ones that after ten years of teaching that I still follow.

And? Teachers are helpful. You can reach out on social media and hopefully within your school for more advice for that first day of school with high school students.

For your first day of school, you should expect to be nervous. Prepare to be prepared. Expect to be tired, and elated, and proud.

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  1. 1
    The Daring English Teacher

    These are some great tips for the first day of school! I cannot stress how important it is to be 100% ready the day before. It really helps with first day of school stress.

    • 2

      Thanks! Yeah, that first day gets me every time. I over plan, but still – better than the alternative.

  2. 7
    Dr. Ellen Weber

    What a great list – here at Mita we call that outsourcing your working memory. When you have such an excellent list to check – you have a sticky note of sorts for the brain to build on. Love it! Thanks, Ellen

  3. 9

    Great tips, Lauralee. My fave is the last one. Be ready. Don’t stress. Hope you don’t have that first day of school nightmare!

    • 14

      Always! I also like to have a printout of attendance, book numbers, and on for that first week – but it changes so much. Lots of changes with older grades.

  4. 15
    Olivia Gold

    Thank you for putting this list together! I still get nervous before every first day, and I know I will refer back to this post as a checklist to calm those fluttering nerves.

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