5 Wholesome Activities for Teens

5 Wholesome Activities for Teens

Teens go through numerous stages. Adolescence can be a rough experience because of all the emotions teens feel. One stage many experience is saying good-bye to childhood, realizing that they are headed out of the care of their parents.

Many times, teenagers will take a step back, and have some fun as they did when they were younger. They will experience the same attractions from youth as a young adult.

Encourage them to explore from their youth! These are clean, wholesome activities for teens that help create memories. Remind teens to be considerate of other guests, and to have fun!

5 wholesome activities for teens - that are probably in your town.

1. Thrift stores.

Budding artists and adventurers will find inexpensive treasures at thrift stores. Ugly picture frames and old vases can be painted. Students headed to college may find eclectic containers to serve as desk organizers.

In fact, possibilities are endless at thrift stores, which is why teens have fun exploring them.

Tip: Tell them to wash everything!

2. Local productions.

Get tickets to a ballet, orchestra, or musical. Students involved in band and chorus may already attend such events, but what about teens unfamiliar with the arts? They may find an entirely new passion.

Tip: Ask for student discounts.

3. Library.

The library – story time and arts and crafts? No – but if your students haven’t been to the library since they were tots, they are missing out. Libraries often have gaming nights and book clubs. Libraries can also provide solace for students who crave alone time. Many libraries have taken the approach of a coffee shop and provide free hot chocolate and coffee.

Tip: Libraries want to attract all ages! Kindly worded ideas to an employee may result in the perfect experience.

4. Parks.

Many parks have more than the playground toys students remember, but teens may not realize that. Unless there are regulations, sprinklers and hopscotch squares are for all patrons. Having a picnic with friends can be a nice change from normal weekend activities.

Tip: Remind students to show kindness to smaller park attendees.

5. Reenactments.

Production companies, adult sororities, and dancing troops often put on performances to relive Civil War battles, play unique instruments, and show off the Charleston. Aside from experiencing something new, students may find their niche.

Tip: Try it out! Students with an artistic bent may find a new hobby, simply by asking if there are openings.

Every once in a while it happens. Students talk to their teachers like you’re human! A class conversation veers to “nothing to do.” Steer students toward safe and maybe educational activities. Open their eyes to what could be right in front of them. A small nudge and encouragement could lead to new explorations.

What wholesome activities for teens could you add to this list?

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