May Happenings at the Language Arts Classroom

May Happenings at the Language Arts Classroom

It’s technically June, but I’m still going to link up with Julie at Faulkner’s Fast Five for last month’s happenings. So what did happen at the Language Arts Classroom?

May at the Language Arts Classroom.

1. Mother’s Day.

Little kids crack me up. They’re honest and say whatever enters their little heads. Example one, my Mother’s Day gift from my kindergartener:

Mother's Day.

Dishes? Little monster.

2. Science.

I’m not a science-type person. (In case you thought I was misleading you on that one). I want my kiddos to understand science-y concepts better than I do, so I’m always looking for ways for them to practice, to investigate. Here is Ty working on a DNA double-helix.

DNA double helix.

3. End of school. 

I taught my final class of the year last Thursday, and my kids finished Friday.

Welcome to summer.

I moved into mom-mode and made them a “welcome to summer” banner, complete with streamers. They busted through it in two seconds.

A third and first grader? How did it happen?


If you don’t know that acronym, you are missing out on New Kids On The Block. (And when I say, “missing out,” I’m serious).

Lauralee Moss.

My husband and I went to a concert and spent the night in St. Louis. I danced and sang. I am not ashamed to mention that I remember their songs from fifth (!) grade.

I also just noticed that we’re dressed the same, the blue couple.

5. I hit a huge (personal) milestone.

In January, I set some lofty goals for myself concerning blogging and working on TpT. I’m starting to reach those goals and it feels better than I imagined. I’ll be blogging about my blogging adventure soon!

On a side note, are you a teacher looking to start on TpT? Join us! This linkup is evidence of the wonderful support system in place for teacher-entrepreneurs. If you want to see the rest of these teacher-authors, Julie’s blog is the place to go!

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