Links and Lattes

Links and Lattes

Happy Sunday and first official day of summer. It is rainy and wet and not swimming weather, much to my kids’ dismay.

I completed a 550 piece puzzle with son this past week. That was on his summer to-do list – have you started checking items off yours?

Links and Lattes

This week I read:

1. School calendar.

Laura Candler created a School Year Calendar. If you sign-up for her newsletter, it is free. (Free!)

2. Supporting teachers.

As teachers learn technology and move outside their comfort zones, failure will happen. That’s why I was impressed with Catlin Tucker’s advice for supporting teachers as the educational landscape evolves. I know I dread failing in front of dozens of students, but if I have support of my administrators, it is better to manage.

3. Teaching as an art.

(We all knew this). Classroom Aesthetics covers the magic that happens when students and teachers combine, explore, and have a deep learning experience. Unfortunately, these intangible class periods can’t be measured, and do not advance any political platform, so these experiences aren’t ‘counted.’

4. Forgotten words. 

Old English words that should still be used. I like ’em.

Here is the secondary linky for this week. Link up, share, enjoy! Thanks for stopping by.


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