Links and Lattes

Links and Lattes

Good morning. I hope your days have been full of fresh air, relaxation, and pleasant reading. (Unless you’re still at school. Then I hope you experience all of that soon).

Links and Lattes


Last week, we had a ten-way tie for the most viewed links. Already shopping for August?

Here is what I read this past week:

1. Interviewing?

This article from Ed News Daily gives tips for preparing for interview questions. If you’re switching jobs or interviewing for the first time, it can’t hurt to brush up.

2. Cupcakes.

I want to make these cherry limeade cupcakes, but I know they won’t be as pretty. I’m fairly certain they’ll disappear quickly, crooked icing or not.

3. Blogging habits.

The top searches of my website this past week pertained to blogging and Teachers Pay Teachers. I love blogging (I seriously do), but don’t write about the blogging craft that often. Then Blogelina wrote about streamlining your blogging process. I felt like I was to deliver the article for all the people searching on my website.

4. Accidental businesses.

We teacher entrepreneurs are business owners, albeit small business owners. TpT may not be our main income, but as we create products, market them, worry about legalities and copyright, we’ve earned the title of ‘small business owner.’ Melyssa wrote about 9 things she’s learned as a small business owner. I related to much of it.

5. Instagram.

I’m still new to Instagram, and I don’t have a steady feel for it. Lauren at Elle and Co. wrote about organically growing your Instagram. (Hint: her pictures are beautiful!)

Onto the linky party. Thanks to everyone who shares our secondary gathering space. Share and click on a few links while you’re here. Have a beautiful week.

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