Links and Lattes

Links and Lattes

Good morning! I’m typing this at 4 in the a-m after the world’s busiest week: baseball games, dance recitals, topped off with a wedding anniversary.

Not that I’m complaining! All good things, all good things.

I’m ready for summer vacation to start, with this hopefully do-nothing week.

Links and Lattes

This week’s readings:

1. Goofy.

John Spencer wrote about “The Surprising Power of Being Goofy.” Being goofy does take brain power and allow freedom. Spencer talks about the power for classroom use.

2. Book study.

Kovescence of the Mind is hosting a book study for Reciprocal Teaching at Work: K-12. Her first post covers four strategies when it comes to reading.

3. Cyberbullying.

Jade Rivera provides a wealth of resources on her blog for cyberbullying. Some of those resources will work across grades.

4. Facebook groups.

I’ve joined several Facebook groups this past month. TpT Secondary Teachers is a good one for support, and if you’re primarily a WAHM, there’s a WAHM on TpT group.

Last week, Secondary Sara’s The Little Mermaid activity bundle had the most clicks!

Here is this week’s linky party. Link, share, pin, enjoy!


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    Lyndsey Gresehover

    Hi Lauralee,
    I’ve been looking for a group to join on Facebook for secondary teachers. When I click the link you mentioned, it says, “Content not available.” Maybe it’s something on my end??

    • 2

      I think it won’t work because it’s a secret group. Sorry everyone! Let me know and I can ask people to join. I added you, Lyndsey.

  2. 4

    Hi, I teach high school history and would also love to join the TpT secondary group on Facebook! If you have a few minutes this week would you also be able to email you so I can ask you a few questions about your future linky parties and participating? Thanks so much!

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