Using Google Collections as a Blogger

Using Google Collections as a Blogger

Have you seen the new Google Collections? It may not be the biggest new thing!, but it’s Google, so we’re going to take notice. Right?


Are you using Google Collections? It's Google's newest tool, so bloggers should take notice.

First, what is it? From reading about Google Collections and playing around with it, I see a Pinterest-y type layout. You can collect and organize ideas from around the web. Instead of “pinning” to different “boards,” you will “add” to your “collections.” The good news is that it is simple, especially if you already use Google Plus.

Second, using it. Simple! Go to the Google+ page. Click on “home.” Collections will be on the list, with a blue diamond:

Google Collections - how to use it.

Click on it. The next page will prompt you to “create a collection.” Name it whatever you like, but I imagine you should create it with keywords in mind. Then you can add to the collection.

Another way is to organize from your postings on Google+ after you set up your collections. Post like you normally would on Google+. When you see the drop-down menu for audience, select your collection. Here I’m selecting “grammar lesson plans”:

Google collections.

I’m starting slowly; I’ve only created two boards. One of my goals for this summer is to create tips and ideas for incoming, new ELA teachers. My first collection was New ELA Teacher Tips. It also corresponds to my Pinterest board, Tips for New Teachers. I’m going to play around with it.

What worries me? Google changes its mind and discards projects. After I’ve invested time, that sometimes happens. (I’m looking at you, Google Authorship).

I am going to give Google Collections a shot though, mostly because it seems easy and is an extension of how I already use Google+. What about you? As a blogger, are you going to utilize Google Collections?

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