Telling People About Your Blog

Telling People About Your Blog

Telling people about your blog got you scared? Lots of teachers are.

Last Saturday I sat at Panera, writing. Brainstorming. Thinking out my blog schedule for the following month.

From the corner of my eye, I spotted a friend in the parking lot.

Great, I thought.

This shouldn’t have been my first thought. It had nothing to do with my friend (I’ll explain in a minute) because she’s a lovely person.

Are you a teacher who blogs? My advice for sharing with others about your blog.

Immediately, my mind raced:

She’s going to chat. Ask me what I’m doing. I’ll stumble around, not sure how to explain blogging to her. What questions will she ask? Will she think it’s a waste of my time? 

And you know what? She didn’t come in to the restaurant. After waving at me, she went in a neighboring store.

I sat there, feeling pretty silly. I shouldn’t care, and I understand that. I take pride in what I do – but I still have self-doubt. (I’m not the only blogger with self-doubt, right?)

I stopped writing about grammar and began writing this blog post, thinking, trying to discover why telling my friends about my blog is difficult. I developed some theories.


The nature of blogging invites strangers to comment on our ideas and thoughts. Blogging displays your ideas for the world to critique and often criticize. Is it that I fear that treatment from friends? Strangers is one thing, but friends?

Plus, I typically need to explain ‘blogging’ to people. My blog isn’t my journal or scrapbook. Even my husband (my biggest cheerleader) questions what will happen when I run out of writing ideas. He shrugs when I tell him that’s impossible.

Sometimes ‘I own a blog’ is a big deal to explain. Still, it’s my work, my passion. I love blogging and sharing ideas with others. As a teacher, it helps me develop my PLN.

Finally, my online presence is that – online. It’s another world. Maybe I don’t want to mix the two.

All feelings and questions aside, I’m part of the reason people don’t understand blogging. Maybe after explaining more, bloggers will get a head nod and not questions. Small explanations could help clarify the blogging world.

What if my friend popped next to me, inquired about my notes, and I responded, “blog work.” What’s the worst that could have happened?

Telling people about your blog could result in:

– Oh! I didn’t know you could make money from blogging.

– Does that pay?

– What’s that mean exactly?

– Where?

She wouldn’t have said anything cruel! I projected my doubts onto her. The point is, I would have been ok. One more person would know about my blog. Word of mouth still matters in the digital age.

And so I shall. I’m challenging myself to step out from behind the notebook, the computer screen. I will explain my blog to people, give my web address. We’ll see what happens.

Do you struggle when telling people about your blog? Do you share your online presence with friends – or keep the two worlds separate?

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