Sailing Into Summer Blog Hop

Sailing Into Summer Blog Hop

Welcome to the Sailing Into Summer Blog Hop. Over twenty teachers are participating with tips, freebies, and giveaways to help you wrap-up the end of your school year!

Sailing Into Summer! Giveaways, freebies, and tips to help YOU wrap up the end of the school year.

My co-host Julie of Faulkner’s Fast Five helps English teacher with ideas – 5 points at a time. With that fun theme, here are five ideas to help teachers sail into summer.

1. Final exam tip.

Everyone is tired! Not overloading students with a ton of writing, and then yourself a ton of grading is the goal. You still need to include writing, and I have ideas on how to do that.

2. Change for next year.

I teach part-time at a community college, prepping high schoolers for standardized tests (normally the ACT). Next year, I am arming myself with diverse materials for each new class. (I meet a new class each night). Since I don’t have a typical classroom, I never know what my students’ needs are ahead of time.

I come prepared, of course, with resources. After reflection, I know that I need to have several alternatives brought to each class, perhaps a power point, task cards, and worksheet – and then only one or two. Different classes have different needs, and I don’t know what they’ll be until I meet students.

3. Organizational tip.

Throw trash away now! Too often, I put materials away, determined to evaluate them in August.

August is crazy. You’ll have a better picture of the ‘necessary versus clutter’ in May.

4. Gift idea for students or coworkers.

A journal. They have pretty covers, they are versatile, and they are just the right amount of a personal touch.

5. A giveaway!

I know that the end of May (and into June, if you teach that long) can feel c-r-a-z-y. I would love to give a loyal reader the lesson plan and template for my “In Ten Years, End of the Year” writing assignment. I’m making the sweepstakes super-easy; simply follow me on Pinterest! Enter below, then hop around at the other blogs for more freebies, tips, and giveaways!
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      They are versatile – even if the receiver doesn’t want to use them as a traditional journal, they will still be used.

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