Links and Lattes

Links and Lattes

Good morning! I’m typing this at almost midnight in Illinois. My kids are en-joy-ing summer break a bit and pushing the limits of bedtime. Getting them to bed, getting ready to blog, getting settled… I should have done this hours ago.

Are you on break yet? Giddy with anticipation? No matter, I hope the weather is pretty where you are!

Links and Lattes.

What did I find this week? Lots, and I hope this isn’t an overload.

1. Blog library.

The Nectar Collective has compiled a library of blogging resources. If updating, tweaking, or creating a blog is on your to-do list for summer, it’s worth checking out. Did I mention it’s free?

2. Balancing?

Yeah, some days I think I’m a rockstar, and then other days I’m astonished that I packed a lunch. Olivia Adams covers working a full-time job, freelancing, and blogging.

3. Unsubscribe.

I don’t have a link for this. I have been unsubscribing from emails that I typically delete. I don’t know how I landed on some of those lists. I’m happier and so is my inbox. Anyone else?

4.  Peach cake.

My husband is completing a diet-gym-only cheat on one day of the week-type program. Sunday is his cheat day, which means it’s full of goodies. He asked me to make him this peach cake combo and I’m not sure. I’ll do it for him, but to me, a true cheating dessert contains no fruit. And copious amounts of chocolate.

5. Giveaway!

The Daring English teacher is hosting a giveaway in honor of her 1000th follower. The giveaway is here, and I wish I could win. (a $50 TpT gift card!)

I’m off to a former student’s baby shower today. Don’t you love it when you can continue in students’ lives? This student is very special to me and I have to admit, I’m going to spoil her baby boy.

Last week, we got the most hits ever! Thanks for all the promotion – it paid off – everyone’s product was clicked on! Brynn’s *freebie* activity for any piece of literature had the most clicks:

The Literary Maven.

Here is the secondary linky for the last week of May. (How is it June?!) Click, share, and show the secondary love.




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