Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Stuck on finding nice and meaningful teacher appreciation gifts? Help is here.

Teacher appreciation week is in May and the end of the school year is approaching for many of us. Those two events mean I’ll be giving a heartfelt thanks to the teachers who have greeted my children almost every morning for the past nine months.

Our family typically writes thank-you notes and sends a teacher appreciation gift. As a teacher, I far remember more of the notes parents and students wrote me. I have them in a box for safekeeping and read them periodically.

Teacher appreciation gifts - what do I buy for my child's teacher?! The answers are here, and won't break the bank.

That doesn’t mean I disliked the gifts! No – and students have spoiled me before. As I shopped for my children’s teachers this past week, I came across adorableness and charm. My mind isn’t completely decided, but I compiled two lists of inspiration – one $10 and under and the other $20 and other. Looking for a teacher gift? Have no fear; the best teacher appreciation gifts are here.

$10 and under

Teacher appreciation gifts: $10 and under.

1. Chevron Drink Insulator

2. Fun Sunglasses Case

3. Motivational Quote Poster

4. Assorted Bookmarks

5. Thank You: a book for teachers

$20 and under

Teacher appreciation gift ideas - $20 and under.

1. Multi-Use Planter Tray

2. Willow Tree Love of Learning

3. Canvas Tote

4. Teacher Notebook

5. Beach Mat with Straps

I have shopping to complete! Hopefully, these inspire you when considering what to buy a teacher for teacher appreciation week.

What is the best teacher appreciation gift (or end of the year teacher gift) you’ve ever received or given?

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