5 for April

5 for April

Ah, Friday. You heartless wretch.

Today is such a day where I have five projects thisclosetobeingdone but none of them done. I’ve played on the “sing set” bunches today, so caring for a two-year-old is something. I was still elated to get her down for her nap and climb in the shower about an hour ago. I was running through what pictures needed made, what blog posts needed spell-checked, ready to get started when I heard,

“Hi mom.”

It was the two-year-old! Not napping. In the shower with me. Then, running out of the shower, wet and naked, and flinging herself on my (thanks to spring) shedding dog.

Such has been April. What else?

1. Easter. My second grader asked me if I was the Eater bunny and I cannot tell a lie. I don’t know why the next question wasn’t, “are you Santa, too?” Maybe he wants to think on it.

2. Shampoo. Did you know that ‘No Poo is a thing? (Not for me, but for other people. I like chemicals).

I read “The No ‘Poo Experiment Failure” and giggled. I’m sure my results would be similar, but I also can’t imagine trying it.

3. Lesson planning. I’m teaching a writing class pretty soon and have thought about ways to make the lessons engaging without losing structure. Here’s what I brainstormed, but more ideas are welcome. Encouraged, actually.

4. Outside. Illinois is changing from brown to green and I’m excited to see blooms. Hopefully soon! I’m spending extra time outside these days and writing and creating from the back deck. I’m enjoying it.


5. Katniss. I put this picture on Facebook and a friend questioned why the caption wasn’t “Katniss.” My friends have me pegged as a book nerd.


Za, at camp, learning archery.


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    I followed your lesson planning link and love that you start The Glass Menagerie by showing a figurine. Simple yet brilliant! Btw, you may want to check out my Young Writers Pinterest board to get ideas for your writing class.

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