Teacher Style

Teacher Style

Being a teacher is tough and sometimes shopping for clothes falls to the end of a to-do list. Plus, finding clothes that are age-appropriate, professional, not ridiculously expensive, and that will maybe last more than one season? Yeah. The word hard keeps popping into my mind.

I thought I’d share my pictures (I detest picture taking!) and teacher apparel shopping spots with my loyal readers. AND in exchange, you don’t laugh at me in said pictures. Deal? Deal.

I’m not an expert! I’ve worn mismatched shoes and earrings to work. I’ve looked down and noticed I have on a navy shirt with a skirt that has highlights of black when I swore it was navy in my closet that morning. So – will I be able to bring you the latest fashion trends for teachers? I’ll try. I promise nothing except to share where I get affordable and teacher appropriate clothes.

All complaints aside, I do have a few go-to places that meet my requirements for teacher apparel. I recently did a haul from White Plum, stocking up on cardigans. Ok. Boot cuffs too, and maybe a skirt for spring.

I layer clothes for teaching because I’m hot, I’m cold, I spilled coffee on my shirt, and on. Cardigans are versatile:

Teacher style.

boots – Ross Dress for Less. boot cuffs – White Plum. jeans and shirt – Banana Republic. cardigan – White Plum.

Since the amount of coldness I prefer in my life is zero, I had my husband take indoor shots as well as outdoor. And since I know a bargain and overall love cardigans, I ordered not only the navy but also the olive color:

Teacher fashion.

I own several White Plum pieces and they don’t fall apart, don’t get fuzzy annoyances, and are practical. Their clothes are fairly priced and their clearance items are steals.

Note: I would love! to have guest bloggers for my teacher style posts. Shoot me an email or contact me and we’ll chat. Show off your cute teacher style here.

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