Minecraft Language Arts Lesson Plans

Minecraft Language Arts Lesson Plans

I’m busy creating extension activities for the popular Minecraft handbooks. Minecraft invaded my house sometime last year; it will definitely dominate my memories of my son’s childhood. For instance, he does this every night:

Minecraft lesson plan.

He’s reading his Minecraft books. Sure, he’s reading a book I don’t fully understand. I’m learning though! What else is a mom to do? Make Minecraft lesson plans.

Continuously, my second grader rattles about how to make TNT and fireworks. I hope he’s learning science, but I can make sure he’s studying language. He’s already practiced nouns, verbs, and adjectives using words from the handbooks. Since this is his favorite subject (Minecraft, not language or science), I created a few more grammar activities along with writing ideas.

Minecraft lesson plans.

I made my the first Minecraft lesson plans on a whim – to have supplemental activities for Ty at home. Since then, other parents and teachers have expressed how well the activities work since students love Minecraft. I wanted Ty to write though. For my first products, he sorted nouns and adjectives and nouns and verbs. This next one (which he did last night!) prompts him to write.

His second grade teacher is teaching adjectives and adverbs, so he’s studied four of the eight parts of speech. We focused on these: nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.

Minecraft lesson plans. Lesson plan for Minecraft.

It was time for me to read and for Ty to teach me a few ideas about the bad guys of Minecraft. He said that Zombies, Skeletons, Creepers, and an Enderman were the top troublemakers. He told me facts about them and described them and their actions. I wrote four sentences for each bad guy. I removed a noun, verb, adjective, or adverb from each sentence and replaced it with a prompt for students to fill in the blank with the appropriate part of speech.

Succes! Ty helped me complete the answer key by filling in blanks with the correct part of speech. The result is our Minecraft Character Sentences. This Minecraft language arts lesson plan will have students writing and studying grammar. It went over well with my eight-year-old and I hope your child or students enjoy it too.

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