March 2015 Flashback

March 2015 Flashback

What happened in March of 2015? I’m linking up with Julie from Faulkner’s Fast Five for a recap of March. Grab a soda and half a bag of popcorn for a look at the entertainment that is my life.

friday flashback (1)

1. I completely jumped the gun and planned our garden.

We had about three days of warm weather and a gardening company sent me a magazine. Old school style, I circled and marked (on paper, not digitally) tomatoes, onions, and other yummies for our garden. Thankfully I’m a procrastinator and did not order the plants, because they would be frozen. It has snowed again since then and I would have wasted money, and broken my children’s hearts.

2. St. Patrick’s Day lame-o.

I’m lame. My kids never wear custom shirts for holidays or bring fancy treats to school. On St. Patrick’s Day, they busted home with tons of cuteness – Leprechauns visited their classrooms and left goodies. Really, I want just want to celebrate the large holidays. The little ones throw me.

Anyway, I hurriedly made a cake and some green icing.

St. Patrick's Day Cake.

The lesson of course is that if you put icing on something, your kids won’t care if it’s lame.

3. I have no pictures of my son.

It’s an eight-year-old thing, I say. He won’t let me take pictures of him. I went though my phone and regular camera – nothing. Not one picture from March of 2015. My daughters will pose for the camera all day though:


Why should the baby doll sleep on the stairs? Seems mean.

Baby on stairs.

4. Continued organization.

I talk a good organization game but there is always (always!) room for improvement. I wrote about my expansion of organizational tools here. SEO? Long tail keywords? I’ll get it done.

5. Writing.

Because I’m a blogger and teacher, I spend much of my days writing, creating lists, researching, blah, blah. There are other habits my kids shouldn’t imitate, but this is ok.

Za writing.

My current writing love? I actually have found the perfect notebook because of its handy elastic on the front. Markings wire notebook also has a space for my hand which is quite thoughtful.

Markings notebook.

That large center blank? My phone resides there. What else does a teacher need? Oh yes. To read other March roundups.

They’re at Julie’s blog. Enjoy.

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