Hello Sweetheart Coffee

Hello Sweetheart Coffee

Hello Sweetheart. Coffee?

I married an adorable man. A cutie, who dislikes coffee. He wants nothing to do with my morning ritual.

Hello Sweetheart Coffee.


Being the pal that he is, he’s tried coffee. He’s allowed my experiments with different roasts, syrups, blends.

They all failed. I’ll keep trying though.

I returned to the drawing board with an idea – the Bloody Mary concept. I like a Bloody Mary, so long as I can eat and drink it at the same time. I rarely finish one, but I love the accompanying picnic alongside one.

Dessert coffee.


I present the Valentine Day’s coffee – the dessert coffee, my Hello Sweetheart Coffee that anyone can make.

Dessert coffee.


Use your regular coffee, perhaps a lighter blend if you have a new coffee drinker. Add whipped cream, caramel, and your favorite candy for stirring – pictured here is Rolos. They melt into chocolatey, caramely goodness as you drink.

It’s the Bloody Mary effect for coffee. We’ll see if my sweetheart develops a taste for it.

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