Friday Flashback: Five in February

Friday Flashback: Five in February

(Alliteration, anyone?)

My friend Julie is hosting an end-of-the-month wrap-up. She is known for doing her “fast five” lists, so here is mine. You can read hers and others here.

friday flashback

What did I do in February?

1. Celebrated two birthdays.

Years ago, I brought home a newborn baby on my son’s second birthday. (Crazy. Craziness I’m saying). Now my oldest two have their birthday parties together.

Cake time.

Cake time.

They think the dual parties are fun because they get to play with friends across two grade levels.

Action shot.

Action shot.

I’m sure they’ll have the same feelings in ten years or so.

2. Monkey see.

My two-year-old practices the art of imitation. I’m done having kids and I am really going to miss this stage. Kids really are sweet when they want to be “big.”


The pretend nail polish.

3. Snow.

Like the rest of you, we had tons of snow. I didn’t grow up with snow days and the days we have off sometimes shocks me! Owning snow gear is also new to me – we never needed it for the few snow days we had!

Time to play.

Time to play.

4. Entertained the kiddos on Presidents Day.

My kids are in second grade and kindergarten, with the two-year-old home with me all day. I wondered how the older two would take being with their ‘baby’ all day (would they realize how much she’s in their stuff!?) and if it would be a long day. Luckily, Ty and Za played with C.J. all day and we made happy memories.

Play doh cookies.

Shaping cookies with cups and dominoes.


Duplo tower.

Building “the tallest tower.”

From this experience I perhaps have too high of expectations for summer vacation. Ask me in mid-July if everyone still plays together nicely.

5. Engineering Day.

Last weekend our local museum hosted a free engineering day. Our kids love to build and create and we want to keep them interested. Off we went, to…

Engineering day.

build a bridge with paper, and test its strength with washers…. and

...make our own harmonicas from wood and rubber bands.

…make our own harmonicas from wood and rubber bands.

I’d like to show you a picture of their playing with a sand and polymer mixture, but I refereed during that portion of the afternoon. It was messy, so they loved it.

That was my February. I taught extra night classes because ’tis the season for ACT prep with high schoolers. I lack pictures of my action shots teaching so instead, I have gobs of my own kiddos learning and experimenting. Thanks for reading.


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