The Hungry Games, a Sesame Street Parody

The Hungry Games, a Sesame Street Parody

The Hungry Games, a parody of The Hunger Games, brought to you by Sesame Street. 

I love pop culture’s play on literature. Engaging students this way – I love it. I think that students learn in a unique way from pop culture. So today when I saw The Hungry Games, I had to write about it.

The Hungry Games

Showcasing Cookiness Evereat and a real Pita, The Hungry Games do not disappoint!

First, muppet Effie reads the proclamation.

Effie Trinket

Then Cookiness Evereat volunteers because cookies are involved.

Cookiness Evereat

She must decide what to eat and wins the first Hungry Games. She is ELATED that she will never compete in such a contest again! But she does, and her reaction…

Katniss Everdeen

… when she is told that she will participate in The Hungry Games: Catching Fur, is confusion.

Catching Fire

This time, Cookiness has Finnicky, Pita, and Tick Tock along. Cookiness carries Pita, literally.


The story continues. Finnicky is dreamy.


Tick Tock frets about the clock.

Tick Tock

Monkeys bother them, tickle fog tickles them, and they must decide what foods to eat to end the fog. Is it food? What pattern? Shapes or food types? It’s a mystery – because there is a rule change.

Rule change

Cookiness figures it out and is relieved to never, ever play these games again. Finnicky tells her they are making a third one, and well, her reaction this time is anger.

Cookie Evereat

This was made in 2013 even though I saw it today for the first time. It closes with an announcement that the third one is coming to a theater soon.



I think students will laugh and enjoy this. It’s a ‘clean’ clip for classes. The video is about five minutes long, but you don’t want to only show the video. Here are a few questions that you could ask students, with my answers following:

1. Who was your favorite character?

I’m going to be different and go with Pita here. Cookiness literally carries the Pita! And Pita is so short!!

Tick Tock Lady is funny too, though…

2. Sometimes parodies poke fun at a situation. Other times, parodies want the audience to think. Is that happening here?

Even though this is a children’s show, this parody does poke fun at the trilogy – in a kind manner. One idea is that it having a heroine rather than a hero is a large statement. Since the audience is young children, the creators may be emphasizing to a new generation that boys are not always the heroes.

3. Were the costumes reflective of the actual movie?

It was realistic!

4. Favorite quote of the whole bit?

Being heroine of entire franchise hard work. 

May the cookies be ever in your flavor. 

Actually, I’ll never be able to decide. This was hysterical. My toddler loved it but I laughed way more than she did.

Will you use “The Hungry Games” in your classroom?

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