Secondary Linky: Here We Go Edition

Secondary Linky: Here We Go Edition

This week has been a busy one. My updates on sellers whom I follow are numerous. It seems that TpT authors used their breaks as a creative outlet. What new products did you post? You can add one below.

What else this week?

1. I read Something’s Not Right with Our Boy and it broke my heart. The author writes in a raw and honest fashion.

2. I’m relying more and more on dinners I can make ahead of time. I primarily teach at night and by the time I run my kids places after school and get dressed (and maybe fix my hair?!), I don’t have time to make a healthy meal. I have used some recipes from Living Well Spending Less and can vouch that my kids eat these. Her printables are awesome – and free.

3. You’ll notice (or not) that my blog is still here. I have a brainstormed list of web address ideas for hosting my own blog. The list is long and varied. I can’t decide on a single one. My poor husband, who knows very little about English-y type topics, mostly looks bored and every once in awhile will say, “” or “”

Basically he mentions famous authors or characters and adds “.com.” Poor guy listens to my rambling though so I can’t be too hard on him. If you have a cute suggestion, I’ll take it. Even if you have a boring suggestion, I’ll take it too.

4. I did, however, map out my TpT year. I feel pretty confident. I’m excited and ready to work extra hard. I wrote out my ideas in Organizing Your Year on TpT. I hope it lends you some ideas.

Onward! Here is the linky for secondary products. Pin a few, buy a few, and share the secondary love.


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