Homemade Ornaments

Homemade Ornaments

A holiday tradition our family (consistently!) does is making homemade ornaments with the kids.Christmas ornaments, homemade salt ornaments

Ever the slacker and one who lacks craftiness, I may resort to painting glass ornaments or covering small hands in paint and smooshing small hands on a different glass ornament.

In prior years, the ornaments consisted of beads on pipe cleaners bent to look like candy canes.

Still homemade ornaments, still a tradition, still my struggling to find my inner craft goddess. (She’s lost and actually, I’ve never known her).

Now that I’ve lowered your expectations, this year’s homemade ornaments are painted salt dough. The kids love them and excitedly wrapped them for grandparents.

I made these, which means you can too. You will need equal parts flour and salt with enough water to make a nice dough. (I used 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of salt, and half a cup of water). I read a few recipes and the consensus seemed to be that the amount of water would vary, but not to add more than a cup with this ratio.

Salt ornaments

Mix it together and add dump it on a floured surface. Add cute little hands, eager to help mom roll out the dough.

salt dough

Get the dough smooth, because if you have a pucker, it will not smooth out in the oven. Grab a few cookie cutters and cut away. I used a spatula to scrape them off the table.

salt dough ornaments

Place a hole in them (for the string). I used a straw.

Baking salt dough ornaments
Snowflakes and trees.

Put them on a cookie sheet and place in the oven at about 200 degrees. I left mine in for about five hours, turning them every hour or so. They didn’t bake – they just dried. When they dried, I wrote with a Sharpie each child’s name with the year behind it.

Then it’s time to paint! And be messy! I did one color per ornament and only gave one paint at a time for the two-year-old. I’m fun like that. The smallest kid used washable paint, but as these ornaments hopefully never see water, I’m not going to worry about it. My older kids used acrylic paint. Here is one of their finished ones:

People say it, but I really believe that kids should give during the holiday season. Each year, our kids hand out gifts to relatives and they are so proud of what they made.

I’m proud of them too, and of our Christmas family tradition: homemade ornaments.

homemade ornaments


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    Connie Casserly

    I always love to find ornament crafts to do with my granddaughters. These are terrific. They are coming to spend the night, and I have flour, salt and water, of course. Best of all I have paints! We will be having some ornament fun! Thank you for sharing.

    Happy Holidays,

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