2014 Holiday Blog Hop

2014 Holiday Blog Hop

1. One thing on your bucket list for the holidays.
Topping my bucket list is learning to play Minecraft with my son, Ty. Santa is brining him an XBox (or a Playstation? I’m only Mrs. Claus and I don’t know) because he loves to play Minecraft at his friends’ houses. He endlessly chatters about the game. I want to be involved with his favorite game, so I am going to learn how to play. 
Ty, four Christmas seasons ago. He only pretends to dislike hugs from mom. 
2. One special tradition. 
I’m assuming this tradition shouldn’t be that my husband tries to sneak away when I haul twenty gigantic containers full of Christmas decor from the attic, but that one stands out from the others.

He dislikes decorations other than the tree – and I want to decorate the entire house.

A special one is that we take the kids to 8:00 church and come home to set out cookies for Santa and sprinkle reindeer food on the lawn. 
and… they are nice to each other throughout the memory-making.
3. One gift idea.
Comfy socks. Who doesn’t like these? They also fit in stockings – no wrapping required.

I get the kids’ socks at The Children’s Place.

4. One activity for the classroom.
A successful activity for secondary students is analyzing holiday advertisements. Older students realize that marketing manipulations are in full force at this time of year, and if I bring in a newspaper or magazine, the discussions are plentiful. 
5. One freebie. 
Students are riled up this time of year – no matter the age. It helps to have a few alternative activities on hand – perhaps a freebie. 
Here are 30 writing and journaling prompts. Ask students to choose one, use one per day, or assign one as extra credit. Enjoy!

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    Jonathan and Lisa (Created for Learning)

    Such a powerful and simple idea…spend more time with your son and what he loves to do. We’ve been trying to do this now that we’ve got 3 kids, and it’s so worth it, even when it’s super difficult because they’re all wanting your attention. But that’s so crucial: they are wanting YOUR attention! What a crazy blessing! Enjoy the Minecraft fun!

    Merry Christmas!
    Jonathan from Created for Learning

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