Characterization Book for Interactive Notebooks

Characterization Book for Interactive Notebooks

For a long time now, I’ve wanted to create interactive notebook inserts for secondary students. I’ve started with my interactive grammar notebook for seventh and eighth grades. Older students are difficult to please, and I’ve tried to choose images and designs that are not babyish.

I also wanted to make the interactive pieces large enough that they can be used outside notebooks. For instance, if students need to focus on moods in verbs, the moods in verbs piece can stand alone. Students can use these inserts as study guides, as supplemental materials or assignments. This is important because I know I never teach a class the same. One time I may use an interactive piece and the next time, the same concept as a stand-alone piece.

Finally, most of the pieces will work on a collaborative poster, as a class or group effort.

Today I started a characterization book. Tada! The cover:

characterization book cover

The sides say, “direct,” “indirect,” and “overall.” I plan to have students write the character’s name on the front. They can staple on the left side edges.

direct characterization piece

The insides give students enough room to write quotes and analysis.

indirect characterization piece

I want students to use the novel or story as support and that is why I ask for the page number at the top of each page.

characterization interactive piece

The “overall” page allows for students to summarize, to give a final statement on a character.

Students can use multiple sheets of the “direct” and “indirect” pages for novels or an in-depth analysis.

One sheet can be used per character in a short story – and students can write the story’s name on the cover. After “direct” and “indirect,” students can write the character’s name.

Teachers can assign main characters, or give students a number – analyze three characters in this story.

I hope that you find this interesting and want to use it – because loyal newsletter readers are getting it for free!

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UPDATE: The characterization activity bundle is now in my store.

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