Organizing Digital TpT Brainstorming

Organizing Digital TpT Brainstorming

Digital TpT brainstorming? If you are like I am, sellers (and teachers in general) could use a few moments of organization.

Two weeks ago, I celebrated that I organized my TpT stuff. I stuff notes and half-created ideas into folders, where they are never to be found. (Or to make sense again! Am I the only person who writes in the middle of the night?)


Most of my original ideas are pencil to paper. I’m old-fashioned, and I cannot sit down at a computer and brainstorm. I need a blanket, a couch, and an eraser.

But, obviously, I need to create digital materials. Can I make the switch and make my original ideas digital? My friend Julie posted this (wonderful) idea:

I decided if I had any new or random ideas I would put them in an “Ideas” tab on my smart phone notes. Then, when I had time, I would type them into my new excel sheet that I called “TPT Game Plan.” It has a sheet for “brainstorming ideas,” a calendar for upcoming release dates, and even a list of what I’m currently working on, things that need to be updated, and requests. Since I’ve started this new system, I am less afraid I will forget something, plus I know what I’m working toward! Now that I have a blog, too, I just started a new sheet. It makes me feel much more productive, especially when I can check things off!

I know this would make me more sense – starting out with a digital game-plan, in an organized manner.

So I took a baby step. (A teeny one, really). I created a “TpT Brainstorm” board on my Pinterest, a secret board. That way when I find ideas, I can pin them and then when I sit down to type and research, I do have a digital start.

I honestly think Julie has a smoother plan, but my secret Pinterest board is a small move away from my standards pencil and paper.

I also have an external hard drive Рwhich is a mess. If my main computer dies, I do have a backup. I need to organize my TpT brainstorming (and teaching ideas, in general) better Рproducts in the making or finished products. How do you brainstorm for your teaching and TpT ideas? Any tips? Share them in the comments.

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    Carrie Lane

    I have a thread for product ideas in “notes” on my iphone. I also move those ideas into a google doc, where I write more details about the ideas. Thanks for hosting the linky every Sunday! Carrie

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