Five for Friday

Five for Friday

Good Morning! I just saw this cool party at Doodle Bugs Teaching and decided to participate! I’m supposed to list five random things from this week and connect with other teachers. Sounds fun, and I most assuredly can adhere to the writing style of ‘randomness’. Here you go!

1. I got paid for summer camp today. I love teaching summer camp because the kids are so eager to try out different classes, and then I get paid. Money in my checking account = yay.

The kiddos running around my community college campus. Cracks me up. 

2. We returned from Niagara Falls about a week ago. I had never been to Canada and wish I related more to the chill-ax-in attitude of our neighbors who greet people with “bonjour.” I’m too high-strung though, but I’ll settle for visiting again.

3. My middle baby is headed to kindergarten, or as she professes – “kindagarden.” I know she’ll entertain her teacher and I’m eager to see what she thinks of formal schooling. Za and “formal” typically don’t fit in the same sentence but I trust all will be okeee-dokie. She loved preschool and her teacher loved her. (I’m just being a mom here and being worrying unnecessarily. I’m sure she will be the smartest five-year-old ever).

Note the mismatched shoes. Always. 

4. I’ll soon get to spend more time with this cutie, who will be two in a few weeks. I know in my mind I gave birth no less than a year ago, but somehow she will be the big t-w-o. Her older siblings will be in school and it will be the two of us at home, singing ABCs and counting. I’m looking forward to it.

5. My first back-to-school giveaway on this blog is working! Whenever I get a bunch of teachers together and they donate products and then I assemble it all, I expect the worst (’tis my nature) and fear it will all fall apart. Not true. It is going well: secondary teachers are reporting gains in followers, products flying off the digital shelves, and happiness all around. I’ve had a few hiccups, but they are tiny hiccups – and go away with a quick splash of water.

You can still enter the giveaway and test your luck at beating other teachers for cool products.

Those are my five randomness-es for the week. Thanks for hosting Doodle Bugs; I plan on participating again!


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