TpT Seller Tips

TpT Seller Tips

A friend of mine recently joined TpT. Since I typed out information, a few TpT seller tips, I figured I might as well make a blog post.

She’s a secondary seller, and I’ve mentioned before that the higher grades’ products and overall market is still new. (I really wants stats on this. Anyone?)
Since TpT is new-ish (in the business world) and since teacher training programs don’t teach marketing skills, teacher- entrepreneurs do a bit of trial and error.
I imagine this will change as TpT grows, but the growth of the secondary market, combined with the newness factor to teachers must make a TpT start-up overwhelming! Before describing images, covers, blogs, all that stuff down the road, what are the basics for a brand new seller?
I’ve sold since 2009, slowly at first but intensely for two years. Here are some ideas of what I’ve found helpful, some TpT seller tips for the secondary crowd.
Getting started on TpT.
1. Acknowledge the process is difficult. What is the expression? Nothing worth achieving comes easily? Learning the process of selling, how to format products, where to promote your products, how much to charge – it is endless.

Everyone on the forums is really nice and you will pick up information there and some of it through trial and error. I still get overwhelmed but on tough days it helps if I tell myself, “it is difficult but it will be worth it.”

2. Hang out on the forum, but not too much. I like the forum. Everyone there is very nice and I have always received honest, professional feedback. That is why I like TpT – people are nice to each other.

However, I can’t be the only one who finds that forum overwhelming! (Am I?!) When I first started, I would visit and get a headache reading all the tips and making a to-do list. Literally, a headache.

I started timing myself – ten minutes. Then I would exit. I would implement a few ideas I got from the forum, feel accomplishment, and return later. It made me feel better. When I read and pondered the ideas, well, it was too much for me as a new seller.

So my tip is if you get information-overload like I do, go to the forum because you will find new ideas but don’t hang out there for an hour.

3. Make honest products. This might be my opinion only, but by “honest products” I mean something I use with students. I would never post a product that I haven’t used with students or that I would not put to use in the classroom.

4. Join Pinterest. It drives traffic. It is easy and fun.

Pin other TpT sellers products. People return the favor.

Start slow and then let your boards grow from there.

5. Be ready to work. This loops a bit back to #1. Make quality products. Promote your work. Be helpful to other sellers. Collaborate.

It will be worth it.

Additions for TpT secondary seller tips? What would you say to a friend who just started on TpT?


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