Catching Fire Movie Review

This isn’t so much an honest “Catching Fire” review, as a brief recap before I go onto planning activities for students and such.

(Yes, I took notes during the movie. My husband made fun of me, and I would still do it again. I like taking notes. It’s a nerd problem).

In no particular order, my thoughts and there are probably spoilers:

1. I am accepting that Josh Hutcherson is Peeta. It has taken me a bit, but he is such a good actor, is cute, and I can’t think of anyone else to play him. I’ve thought about it. I have no one in mind. (Long pause, fingers hovering above the keyboard. I still have no one). He will do, and honestly, he’s not in Catching Fire that much. I don’t think he’ll be in Mockingjay that much, and I need to let it go. I promise to let. it. go.

2. I like books more than I like their movies. If a movie changes something, it had better be good (Gary Ross – Francis Lawerence – whoever, I’m talking about Madge, and no, I will not forget about it). So when President Snow sipped his champagne and blood flowed into the glass, eghhhhhhh, my shoulders raised and I wanted to be sick. It was a physical reaction to a new clip. That should be in the book – and I never say that.

3. I wanted Katniss’ clothes to featured. They were pretty, but the book talked them up – Effie, Johanna, and Katniss talked about her fantastic wardrobe. I like clothes and I wanted to see them.

4. Haymitch, you are perfect. When Peeta announces the baby (wonderful acting, btw, Peeta stuttered just enough times for it to be realistic, one more stutter and I wouldn’t have fallen for it, but he was tiptoeing toward tears and I maybe thought about crying) and Haymitch nodded his flask Peeta’s way – hysterical moment needed in that scene.

5. I hate fan buses, and I never want to jump on one, but Jennifer Lawerence is fabulous. She is Katniss. When I read the books, I picture her. The closing scene when Gale tells Katniss about District 12 – that scene could stink.

BUT! She just lies there and when you read the book, you understand the impact. In the movie, her eyes, her terror and fury that possessed her eyes, it created a powerful ending. I don’t act, but turning nothing into a rush of an ending is something.

There you have it. My thoughts about “Catching Fire.” I’m off to type up my notes and design a lesson around this movie.

UPDATE: My store contains a Catching Fire movie and novel difference activity. It is appropriate for students who have both read the book and seen the movie.

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