Visual Aids

Visual Aids

Teaching speech, a necessity is for students to know how to create a visual aid. Many schools do have access to a power point program for students, and/or display methods during speeches. Sometimes, not. I have taught in both types of schools and when necessary, I do think that making a visual aid old school has benefits.

Think about it: how many job positions will put a student in an emergency situation, a situation where he or she must produce, even with no advanced warning or supplies? Even if it is not crunch time on the job, students may work for startup businesses or organizations which do not have fancy tools. Sometimes, students may need to know how to neatly assemble a poster.

visual aid

Very simple.

A few requirements that I ask students to consider:

* Use colors purposefully.
* Type the words in an appropriate font.
* Do not include too much information.
* Plan the arrangement BEFORE gluing.

Most of those rules work for power point presentations as well. Sometimes students grumble about their limitations but making a poster can teach useful practices. Would you add any guidelines for your students? If so, what?

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