Food Marketing Smarts: Advertising in Food

Food Marketing Smarts: Advertising in Food

Food Marketing Smarts is live at TpT!

Students love learning about marketing and advertising. I have my theories on this. I think they may really enjoy learning about what surrounds them – because marketing is everywhere. That was the heart of this – students discovering their food marketing smarts. (I know they have them).

Food marketing spots.

I also wonder if students enjoy discovering “tricks.” Secondary students especially have a dislike of authority and it seems as if they feel they have been “duped.”

This summer I taught marketing and advertising techniques in food products, twice. I could not find a unit about advertising that dealt with food specifically, but with the obesity rates and crisis doctors and government officials tell Americans we have, I wanted to address the core of this.

I honestly believe that teaching students about marketing and advertising in food products will make them think before they simply buy products.

Older students often buy their own food, and soon will buy all of their own food. I made my food marketing unit a low price because I want teachers to be able to afford it, and students to see it. I have taught this three times (more, if you count the beginnings before it was an official unit) and spent dozens of hours crafting this unit.

I have included what students normally question, and further research for teachers to assign if students show a real interest.

My Media Literacy post shows the actual examples I used in class.

Please email me if I can answer any questions about this unit!

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