Media Literacy

Media Literacy

UPDATE! Food Marketing Smarts, the advertising unit, is live with over a dozen worksheets, specific examples, and common core alignment!

An important part of language arts is teaching media literacy. As an undergrad (over fifteen years ago) this was barely mentioned. The Internet was new, and most professors encouraged us future teachers to have students record different types of commercials white watching a television show.


Commercial logs do still have a purpose. I write down advertisers during the Olympics or Superbowl. My students and I discuss them, but I know this is not the only advertising they see. Smart phones and computers show them much more.

Advertisements - show student the different campaigns from companies.

They know that too. What I like showing them is what stays with them, what they may not realize is marketing, like the cereal box or cup from a restaurant.

Teaching about marketing that is not perceived as marketing is a huge component of media literacy. I want my students to understand marketing is everywhere, and that they can recognize it. I want to empower them.

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